The philosophy of our Counselling Department is to address every student as an individual, as each has her/his own qualities. It is also to help them in coming to terms with who they are.

The aim of the Counselling Department is to assist students’, parents’ and teachers’ development and learning. We plan to help not just those students experiencing personal or academic difficulties but also to respond to their needs throughout their lives at school.

The focal points of the Counselling Department include:

  • To help new students adapt to life at Biltes
  • To contribute to solutions to learning difficulties
  • To guide parents and students in the prevention of or solution to behavioural difficulties
  • To keep in touch with students’ social, emotional and cognitive development and to monitor, evaluate and support them
  • To help students equip themselves with problem-solving skills
  • To help students develop effective communication skills
  • To inform and advise parents on the developmental characteristics of their child as well as to seek their input on these
  • To help students achieve self-realisation skills
  • To carry out individual and group counselling