The International Baccalaureate Organisation believes that learning a second – or even a third – language is important because only in the same language, we will be able to share our different ideas, cultures and histories, our dreams and our visions. If we can understand each other, we have a greater chance of resolving our differences and creating shared goals and meanings.

For this reason, every Saturday is language day at Biltes, where children will have the chance to learn another language: French, German, Spanish or Russian. We will provide native teachers and mother-tongue Turkish teachers to share their understanding of the languages of these countries as well as their cultures: their cuisine, their histories, their architecture, music and art.

We will offer students the opportunity to sit examinations in these languages and arrange exchange programmes for them when they have enough knowledge of the language to survive abroad.

But if your child is not doing well in English – perhaps because she has just transferred from a Turkish-speaking school – we will not add to your child’s difficulties by forcing her to learn another foreign language. Instead, we will provide extra help in English to small groups of children so that they get individual attention and the personalised help they need.

Come to Biltes and experience the international flavour of our schools!