DANCE CLUB: Body stretching and enhancement practices are carried out at the dance club where they have a good time, in order to develop the sense of rhythm of the students, to increase their self-confidence and to give them the opportunity to discover their skills and also to allow them to achieve physical coordination. At the dance club, the students learn different dancing styles, accompanied with music, according to their age groups.

CREATIVE DRAMA CLUB: At the Creative Drama Club, drama works are carried out, accompanied with role playing, improvisation, dramatization techniques, which will reveal their creativeness. Also, their imagination and fine motor muscle growth is supported with the works of making marionette (puppet), mask and felt toys. Considered the most popular hobby of today, the cupcake and cookie workshops are combined with the creative drama, allowing the students of BILTES College to make cakes and cookies, as the cook heroes.

DA VINCI CLUB: Our club teaches our students to see the best, with an aesthetical perspective, by developing the creativeness of the students. Also, different materials are used to develop the fine motor skills. It scrutinizes the examples of national and foreign artists, in an attempt to ensure that their world knowledge is improved.

FASHION DESIGN CLUB: Fashion design is a way of expression which involves creating costumes and various accessories. Basic fashion training is given at our club, particularly in dress drawing, dyeing methods, aesthetical posture. Some research is carried out about the fashion that has changed from the past to present and some samples are made. The works of famous fashion designers are examined.

ALGORITHM AND ENCODING: Encoding allows the students to think creatively and solve problems by enabling them to gain algorithmic thinking skills at a young age. It develops systematic and alternative thinking skill while making it easier to see the connection between the events. Our club aims to teach the students how to encode, in both fun and instructive way.

WEB DESIGN: The web sites, which are the exposed face of the user, is helpful not only for us to gain information but also for the humanity, in an effort to create and disseminate information. The purpose of club lesson is to enable them to gain basic web design skills and acquire the ability to build a web site, by using HTML codes. The students acquires the skills to build their own web sites, finding and checking the incorrect code blocks, by using the HTML codes which are the basics of encoding.

BEAUTIFUL MIND CLUB: At the mind games club, it is intended to develop a series of skills and competencies, ensuring that the students are aware of the potential of intelligence they possess, improve the potential they have, develop original and new solutions, think practically and decide correctly in the even of any problem. Mind Games Club also enables the students to gain a number of other skills, such as taking turns in games, being a team, strategic thinking, farsightedness and mathematic skills, in line with this objective.

ORIGAMI: At Origami Club, the students uses their fingers, along with their minds effectively. The studies conducted help to increase the concentration times of the students over time, develop their knowledge on geometry and support fine motor skills. Obeying the rules and taking turns at studying step-by-step help the students to develop their senses of persistence. The student learns how to behave gently and politely, in the making processes of the work.

GOLF CLUB: Mini golf is a game played at specifically built courses using special clubs and a small hard ball. The aim here is to complete the course with minimum hits. One of the major keys of positive development physically and emotionally is the mini golf. Playing mini golf is quite fun. As the kids hit the ball right, their self-confidence increases and the stress levels reduce thanks to the physical activity.

ICE-SKATING: At our ice skating club, basic skating training is given. Coordination and balance training provides some benefits. Our students have fun in a number of games. They can also learn a number of things during the game, even without realizing it.

CHESS CLUB: This is the club of the sports branch, which is based on disciplined work, honesty and solid moral values, includes mutual respect and fair play and teaches how to fight against stress with systematic thinking.

SPORTS GAMES CLUB: It is our main objective to popularize the sports among our students, to explore their skills and direct them to the suitable clubs. Apart from that, we would like to enhance their physical and mental developments and ensure that they are involved in the sports throughout their lives.

BASKETBALL-VOLLEYBALL CLUB: It is key objective to increase the sense of harmony and sharing among the group and also to develop the physical, psychological, social and cultural levels of our students. Apart from that, we aim to endear the sports to the children, keep them away from  bad habit and raise individuals who are healthy throughout their lives and beneficial to the society.

ENGLISH FUN CLUB: Our English Club offers drama works, singing, animation/role playing and mini sketches. All these works are planned to develop the English language skills and particularly the speaking skills of the students.

DESTINATION – IMAGINATION CLUB: Our club has a contest concept. The student in this club pick one of the seven projects assigned to them and work all the way to put that project into practice. The completed project is planned a the project that will represent our country abroad if that project make it to the finals, firstly among other schools citywide and then countrywide. All works are performed in English.

SCIENCE CLUB: In our Science club, we carry out experiments in all different subjects, with fun and fascination. And, we use various materials of our science lab, in these experiments. We also have fun as we perform some activities about the experiments that we conduct, with a view to support their fine motor skills.