At Biltes, we believe each student is precious. Every child is different and so values different kinds of attention and support. For this reason, Biltes Koleji always wants to meet each child admitted to the school prior to their enrolment to make sure that Biltes is right for them. The same thing goes for parents. There is, therefore, a path we follow:

Step One: Academic Assessment (except for Kindergarten and 1st Grade Students)

In this first phase of academic evaluation, prospective students sit for an exam, comprising: Maths, English and Turkish. This test is made up of multiple choice questions and aims to measure children’s academic levels, learning models and the ways they process information.

Step Two: Student Abilities:

Various tests are given according to the ages of students so that we can recognise any special abilities they may have. The results of these tests are immediately shared with parents.

Step Three: Family Expectations and Goals:

The Biltes family believes that we can be much more useful to our students if we share similar approaches to their parents, the children’s primary care givers. So we chat to parents for 30 to 40 minutes with parents who have come to visit us during the registration process.