1. At BILTES, we follow both the curriculum of the Ministry of National Education and globally known International Baccalaureate. Your child will get the best of the two worlds!
  2. At BILTES, we advise our children to improve their Turkish and the English skills as well. Therefore, the foreign language feels like a native language for them. We offer free French, Spanish, Russian and German on Saturdays.
  3. At BILTES, we have a wide variety of extensive and exciting clubs in order for the children to join a number of fields such as sports, science, reading, dance, drama and many more.
  4. At BILTES, we believe in working with the parents, to move ahead together with the school and the family. We send the format the families consider the best, via e-mail, postal mail or SMS and use Facebook and Instagram to show what we do.
  5. At BILTES, we believe in tranquil, friendly and clean environment. Our menus are nutritious and free of sugar.