Part-Time Conservatoire Training at BILTES

Part time conservatoire training is given to our children so that they can get professional art education and the children are admitted to this training course, through a talent exam.

The training which begins from Grade 1 continues until the end of last year of the high school. Exactly the same curriculum of MSGU (Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University) State Conservatoire is implemented and the students who complete this program get ready for entrance to the conservatoire and art departments of the universities.

In the Ballet department, Voganova, a Russian system, is implemented and also classical ballet, character ballet, modern dance, point and repertoire lessons are given.

Instrument works (guitar, mandolin, piano, violin, and flute), solfege (solmisation), harmony and chorus lessons are given at the firs stage in the music department and the children are provided with drama preparatory lessons by a thespian instructor in the theatre department.