Education At Biltes

International Training in Biltes Kindergarten

In the field of mathematics, the student has the ability to understand and present information with pictographs and...


Primary School Curriculum

Reading can take us to different worlds. It can show us that we are not alone and it can inspire us to learn more. It is not important if we want to read from a paper or a screen...


Middle School Programme

If we are not planning for success, then we are set to fail. For this reason, Biltes sets the sensible but challenging targets for its students. Success is not a coincidence and Biltes provides structured...



Sadabad Campus

BILTES College was founded in 2015 by Mr. Can Uysal. The very first campus of our school is the Sadabad Campus.

Kemerburgaz Campus

We prepared our special campus for our children as the leaders of the future, in the home comfort and peace of a Fareast home...

Vadistanbul Campus

BILTES International Pre-School aims at further raising the interest of our children about their surroundings and enabling them...

Göktürk Campus

With the Göktürk campus, our fifth and newest campus, we will continue to develop a quality education for our students and parents who will choose us with a brand new system in a brand new school.


In Biltes, on the one hand, we work for the continuity of academic excellence, on the other hand we believe that the building blocks required for a balanced personality and life should be shaped from a young age. You can view some of our clubs that takes success with happiness here.

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