EUROPEAN UNION KA-2 Strategic Partnerships Project

“ACTIVATE! ACTIVe lessons And gamificaTion for bEtter social inclusion”

Countdown has begun for the European Union project that our college will carry through between 2017-2019 with the partner schools from Europe.

Qualified to receive a grant as a result of the assessment of T.R. Ministry of European Union, Department of EU Education and Youth Programs, National Agency, our project will enable our student to get international experience and social project culture.

Thanks to this project which will include the works for cross-cultural learning, team works, social inclusion and disadvantaged youth, the students of BILTES will both get to know about project application and writing culture and get the opportunity to improve their English.

Project Type: European Union KA2 Project (Key Action 2) Strategic Partnerships

Project Name: ACTIVATE! ACTIVe lessons And gamificaTion for bEtter social inclusion

Project Start Date: 01.10.2017

Project End Date: 30.09.2019

Total Period: 24 months

Project Theme: To help socialise the disadvantaged secondary school students who feel themselves excluded or have social adaptation problems, to include them in the school life and to increase their academic success, with the works such as “Dramatization in Education, “Peer Education”, “Active Learning”, Traditional Games” and “Art Activities”, etc. to develop and popularize educational methods in this respect.

Project Coordination and Contact:  Ferhat Bilgin Onol ( )

Partner Schools:

CountryPartner SchoolCity
Polonya PolandMSPEILodz
Polonya GreeceIEK CRAFTHeraklion
Polonya LatviaDaugmales pamatskolaRİGA
Türkiye Ulusal Ajansı
Avrupa Birliği