BILTES International Pre-School aims at further raising the interest of our children about their surroundings and enabling them to be aware of their individual learning processes, in our questioning-based education method at Vadistanbul campus. We implement the International Baccalaureate PYP Education System, with a view to raising our children as lifelong learners. We examine every single questioning, according to different interdisciplinary fields, encourage our students to be ambitious and determined in their learning processes. We carry out our questionings, with child-centred and play-based, effective learning methods, in each learning process that we set out with the curiosity of our children, so that they can grow up as sensitive and independent individuals who question, research and analyse. While we lay the foundations of language development, with the double-language (bilingual) education program, on the one hand; we support the social-emotional developments, creative, imagination and rational thinking skills, on the other. While we create a natural environment for the language acquisition of our students who share the same environment with their Turkish and foreign teachers, we offer some opportunities through which they can use both languages properly. We monitor the individual development and learning of our children through the observations and assessments in which we take the international approaches as a reference and contribute in the development of our children with our differentiated education programs that we have prepared, knowing that every student has a special learning process. We discover the talents of our students as we support their skills in different fields, with the opportunities we offer in a wide range of extra-curricular branches (gymnastics, dance, drama, music).

Management Staff

Cigdem Gokcen
Vadistanbul International Pre-School Campus Manager

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