Our children are by nature intrigued by enquiry and discovery. For this reason, at Biltes we offer our students not only theoretical knowledge but encourage them to learn through exercising their curiosity in the lalboratory and applying what they have learnt in books to everyday life.

Digital media technology is incorporated into the entire curriculum so as to provide opportunities for our students to use active learning processes. In this way, our students are able to find information more rapidly and speed up their learning.

Our training programme takes inspiration from many contemporary philosophies of learning. One of our most important goals is to help our children learn for themselves, make decisions and apply self-control. The role of human values in society is enormous. An essential element of this begins with the family environment at an early age and then continues during their school years. Young children cannot form their own values due to the fact that their mindset, values, understanding and developmental skills are not yet mature. These are attained at school through education. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that our children are always exposed to the right values in life at this early age.

Our students have the opportunity of expressing themselves and applying their creative skills in art workshops. They are given the chance to design their own work in a variety of media and materials. They also learn to integrate other subjects into their art and to explore their own and other cultures through their time in the art workshop.

Our Campus:
Our Kemerburgaz campus brings together all the components that will make your child successful.
We have provided excellent facilities with state-of-the-art and age-appropriate furniture in a bright and welcoming environment. There is also a large playground, as well as certain areas devoted to art, science and other school subjects.

However, we went a step further in Biltes College. We transformed our campus into an environment that supports the positive energy flow of our children. And this energy in our school is compatible with the universe according to Feng Shui’s 5,000 years of teaching.

A quote from a poem written at the time:

“The winds are wild The sun is hot The water is clear The trees are green.”

Feng Shui, which can be described as water and wind, a Chinese teaching shows the ways of the universal life energy that exists in nature, in fact, everywhere. This philosophy helps us achieve success, health, wealth, happiness, luck and energy. According to this doctrine, in order to live happier, we need to make a journey in harmony with the energy of nature, in which we build happy relationships, to develop ourselves and to achieve our goals.
Our campus with an indoor area of 3,000 square meters with an outdoor area of 2130 meters is designed to make our children more compatible with the environment and thus make them more successful.

Imagine a step towards reality!