• In our schools, examinations are held according to the guidelines set out by the Turkish Ministry of Education.
  • Apart from these traditional assessment methods, the performance of our students in and out of the classroom is closely monitored through project work, doing homework and participating in social and sporting activities, for instance. These contributes to their school grades.
  • To prepare our students for national exams, such as TEOG, and to develop test techniques, KTT and TEOG exams are held in school on Thursdays and Fridays.
  • The exams are controlled by optic readers and the results are announced to the students in the same day.
  • We also share these with parents on our website.
  • We have an after-school study programme to ensure that helps students in areas they’re having problems.

If we are not planning for success, then we are set to fail. For this reason, Biltes sets sensible but challenging targets for its students. Success is not a coincidence and Biltes provides structured courses and after-school remedial programmes to make sure that all our students excel.