It is important that our students learn to use language as effectively as possible. This applies as much to their mother tongue as it does to English. On Saturdays – our Biltes Language Day – we also offer our parents the opportunity for their children either to get free extra help with English (if they are finding it challenging) or to learn another foreign language: French, German, Russian and Spanish!

Our language teachers are constantly being trained and encouraged to improve their teaching so that lessons are interesting and effective. It’s not enough for Biltes staff that our children will learn only the grammar of a language so that they can pass tests. We want them to speak, understand, read and write too. For this reason, students are encouraged to enter language exams, set by University of Cambridge for English, the Alliance Francaise for French, the Goethe Institut for German, Institudo Cervantes for Spanish and the Russian Ministry of Education. The children receive certificates of proficiency for their achievements in these tests.

Biltes also has exchange programmes for children who excel in these languages, where they can attend summer camps in France, Germany, Spain and Russia. We have partnerships with international schools in these countries, so that our students can communicate with their counterparts abroad through digital media and even exchange programmes.