Biltes aims to provide a loving, creative and safe environment where children can learn about love, respect, responsibility and intelligence, value individual differences and use their culture to explore more deeply in their mother tongue, English and other foreign languages.

Biltes encourages its students to respect the planet we live in, discover sports skills, and achieve excellence in the academic field.


In an ever-changing world, when change is inevitable, we have to teach children the learning skills to deal with an uncertain future. They need to be academically exquisite so they can be admitted to the best universities and find exciting and well-paid jobs. They must turn their misfortunes into fortune and develop a compassion in their own cultures and foreign cultures; thus they will understand how to overcome the conflict. They must be closely related to arts like sports. In this way, they can lead to balanced and productive lives for themselves, their countries and worlds. Biltes is here to put them on the right path.