In a world where the only thing that doesn’t change is the change itself, it is not enough for a school to stuff the minds of the students with the facts and simply call it “knowledge”. Our students need to improve their skills: the skill to question somethings and apprehend on their own; to comprehend the importance of the harmony and cooperation in sports as well as in education and business life; the necessity of perseverance and patience and also the way of innovating and practicing. The lists goes on and on.

We believe in academic excellence at BILTES, because we are aware of the importance to enter the reputable high schools and prestigious Universities. What this means is to employ the professionals who comprehend their own fields and are highly experienced in bringing their specialities with the students and to recruit them for a certain wage.

In addition to that, we are also aware of the fact that a balanced life and personality are as important as a career and therefore we will see that BILTES concentrates mainly on literature, art, music, theatre and a wide range of sports.

These bring a different perspective about the life, through which the students can learn some stuff which is more fundamental than what they can test in the exams, such as the appreciation of beauty, respect the views different to theirs and show empathy with the others.

This takes me to a whole lot different point about the education at BILTES. We one of the luckiest members of our Turkey. An IB education is the sign of privilege. We still need to bring our sense of compassion and activist spirit into the forefront for the development of our country, in an effort to help those who are in need of help, so that they can live a productive and satisfactory life and contribute to the future of Turkey and even the rest of the world.

Global alliance are important, too. While we value our own uniqueness, we also should reach out the beliefs and traditions of others and try to understand them. The partnerships between our school and those based in Europe and UK offer a new window for the youth in Istanbul to take a peek in the diverse life styles which their peers in other countries enjoy – a perfect entrance to our surrounding world for the youth whose parents seek an international education at university level.