The distinctive component of the service quality and success of BILTES College is the qualified workforce. It is of high importance for the corporate development to ensure the personal development of our employees. Therefore, the areas of improvement, which will help our employees to recognize their knowledge and skills, are identified and supported with proper educational programs.

The human resources profile of BILTES College is addressed under the following titles.

  • It is loyal to the organisation and protects the benefit of the organisation.
  • It is student & parent-oriented. It focuses on the requests and expectations of the students & parent in order to carry out the services.
  • It is enthusiastic about the development of the success of the organisation and the service quality.
  • It is prone to active and harmonious teamwork in line with the aims and objectives.
  • It accommodates itself quickly to technological developments and new business manners.
  • It has personal self-confidence and is open to improvement.
  • It has the skill to take initiative and sense of responsibility.

Human Resources Education and Development

BILTES College carries out education and development activities, in line with the requirements, with a view to enhancing the performance of human resources. Education development requirements are mostly derived from the objective identified across the organisation, by also taking the competencies of the employees into consideration.

Orientation Training

BILTES College offers some training courses in which the newly employed teachers are informed about the general operation of the organisation and the responsibilities about the position to which they will be assigned. This training courses are intended to introduce the systems, which are already implemented or in the implementation phase, to the new teachers. Next phase involves the training courses provided to refresh and update the knowledge of the teachers employed at our schools.