The best curriculum in the world –and the thing we deem as International Diploma- will fail if the teacher who uses that cannot put into practice. Teaching is not just a profession. It is a mission just like being a poet or and artist: What they tell us every so often is that they are not able to write or draw, not because they wish for it but because they have to do it. This is what how they feel. And this can only be achieved by virtue of a teacher. Or, at least it should be just like that!

But still, a number of teachers in our country choose this profession, not simply because they like working with children but because they love their branches or they need the share their knowledge about that branch. The reason why they choose the teaching profession is that it is suitable for their programs as mothers and spouses or they wish to take the vacation with their children at the same time. Some think that this is a respectable occupation for women.

However, in no other place can you find the teachers of BILTES. Because our students are in love with the professions. They build a better world based on tolerance, understanding, compassion and skills, as they are in the opinion that they are building the next generation. Our teachers did not stop studying although they completed university. They have the understanding that the students need to learn something from someone who still continues to learn. They are aware of the fact that the knowledge is not the only resource they need, to give to the student and some learning skills are required to face a world where it is a must to restudy, to gain new information and to acquire new skills, which will continue for a lifetime.

In brief, our teachers are special!