BILTES College was founded in 2015 by Mr. Can Uysal. The very first campus of our school is the Sadabad Campus. 3-13 year old student receive education at the Nursery School, Primary School and Secondary school classes in our campus.

Our college adds a different dimension to the education with its fully equipped classrooms, dining hall, contentful library, music room, science lab, good manners classroom, gym, ice skating rink, computer lab, painting workshop and technology-design classrooms.

Acting with a mission caring about the individual differences with a view to increasing the quality of life, BILTES College give particular importance to the concepts of affection, respect and brotherhood.

BILTES College gets its name from the concepts of SCIENCE- TECHNOLOGY-ART. BILTES College, which develops its programs with an insight “we like our children both to be happy and successful”, aims at education young generations who have a good command of foreign languages at national and international level and achieve academic, social and sportive successes.

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