We prepared our special campus for our children as the leaders of the future, in the home comfort and peace of a Fareast home which bears Feng Shui conception, one of the life philosophies of Japanese community that is one of the most advanced communities in the world. It is our biggest objective to educate individuals who are free from rote learning, respectful to the nature and world heritages, learn by practice and acquisition, keep up with the changing times easily but manages to remain respectful to the history/traditions and differences as well. Our alumni profile will include the students who have strong communication skills, make researching and questioning a habit for themselves, make a proper self-evaluation, take action in the light of the information that they have learned and acquired and managed to become sensitive, knowledgeable and balanced world citizens.

That is why we adopted the PYP (Primary Years Program) under the roof of IB, as a system which is the most appropriate, tested / proved and recognised at the international platforms.

Our students will study in the PYP system from the prep until the end of primary Grade 4 and begin TEOG preparations in Grade 5. So, they will get the opportunity to achieve success in both international and national education system. In addition to what’s already been done, we included plenty of social, sportive and cultural areas in our curriculum so that we can raise children who enjoy learning.

We are looking forward to seeing you, as BILTES Kemerburgaz Family.

Management Staff

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